ГПУ SEI The Selyava Wildlife Preserve of National Significance additionally informs about the sale of paid fishing permits on Lake Selyava.

Our sale points of permits:

  • Hunter and Fisherman’s Lodge in the village of Proshika, 36 Molodezhnaya Street. Tel. 20165, mob. +37529 254-00-15;
  • The Hunter and Fisherman’s Lodge in Yanovschina village. Phone +3751796 20199, mob. +375 29 184-27-92
  • In the city of Krupki, the Hunter and Fisherman’s Lodge of the Krupski
    Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen, 4 Lenin Street. Tel. 55519

According to the decision of the Krupki District Executive Committee
No. 157 dated 13.11.2013 and lease agreement No. 1/2013 dated 11/21/2013, the fishing grounds of Lake Selyava were leased to The Selyava Wildlife Preserve of National Significance. In connection with this, marketable fishing and paid amateur fishing is organized on the lake. Fishing without permits is strictly prohibited.

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