Services of the Selyava Wildlife Preserve’s

Hunting and fishing permits, rent of pavilions and places for tents, accommodation in the Hunter and Fisherman’s Lodge, hiking and hunting tours.

Охота - hunting


Hunting in the Selyava Wildlife Preserve is an unforgettable experience for every visitor. Hunting tours are conducted at any time for the Republic of Belarus citizens and visitors from near and far abroad…

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Рыбалка - fishing


Marketable fishing and paid amateur fishing is available on the lake. We invite all fishermen to enjoy fishing on Lake Selyava…

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Пляж - beach


The Panskay Bathing Hut Recreation Area is equipped with pavilions, outdoor sports grounds, places for tents, parking, boat rent…

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Прогулки - tour

Walking tours

The Proshika Marshes Ecological Path, laid out with wooden round-shaped ornaments, goes through the forest on the right side of the lake. You can see a beaver hut and a spring here…

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Hunter and Fisherman’s Lodge

Hunter and Fisherman’s Lodge located in the village of Yanovschina is at your disposal. Accommodation includes 4 living rooms, a lounge and a kitchen. All rooms are equipped with everything necessary. 10 berths are available.

Contact the administration of the preserve.

Fill in the form if you want to book the Hunter and Fisherman’s Lodge or purchase a hunting or fishing permit.

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